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Comments on Okinawa Karate Videos


Steve Landells   Australia

Found them very interesting – give great insights into the training methodology and strategies of the Okinawan masters.

Brian Camp   United Kingdom
I enjoyed watching the DVDs very much. They are packed full of interesting information you don't often hear elsewhere. I found them both professionally made and value for money.  Should you make any more karate DVDs in the future please let me know.

Graham Argus

3rd dan Goju-ryu Australia

Thank you for these great informative DVD's. After watching them made me feel a sense of pride to be privileged enough to be able to study one of these great styles of Okinawan Karate (Okinawan GoJu Ryu RyuSyoKai).

Many little technique tips in these videos - from all schools. To learn from one another. Wonderful.

And to see Grand master Seneha Sensei at his Dojo with his students was personally great. I've met and trained under him quite a few times in Australia. A very humble inspiring man.

Gordon Upshon   United Kingdom

I received the DVDs yesterday and they are ever think I thought they would be: fantastic, I am extremely pleased with them.  If possible please could you let me know if there are any more volumes to these DVDs if and when they come out.

Carl Gentile   FL

If you truly like classical Karate, if you want a true insight to where it all came from and you want to learn about multiple styles - you just hit the gong. I have both volumes of this in VHS. I will get both in DVD.
There is some very good information and outstanding instruction from some divesting Kyoshi's & Hanshi's. The production quality shames Yamazato & Rising Sun Production Co. and eclipses Tsunami (whom I consider to be of above all the rest). You will not be wasting your money. View and enjoy.

Christian Vaccese 3rd dan Shorin-ryu Italy

I look these two videos and this is the first time I look the true Okinawa karate in a video (I mean Okinawa Spirit, Kote kitae, oyo bunkai…) in others videos you can’t see this. I went in Okinawa on 1997 for the inauguration of the new Budokan and I felt in the air the spirit of karate, this sensation I feel when I look your videos, thanks a lot for your work, you help my spirit to be strong.

Nelson Laviolette Tallack Martial Arts Ontario, Canada
The packaging is superior to most video products.
The production quality is superior to most such products available.
The content is quite simply amazing, as they say in the golf commercials - "these guys are good!"
You don't have to be a student of the ryu's contained to appreciate them.
The quality exhibited and the ideas that can be adapted are well worth the purchase.
The best of the dozens of videos that I have acquired.
Highly recommended for any student/sensei of traditional karate.
Daniel Rinchuse, DMD, PhD Renshi Rokudan / Shohei Ryu Greensburg, PA
Having trained on Okinawa on three occasions with the top Uechi practitioners, I enjoyed very much the "Okinawa Karate Videos" on the 3 major karate styles of Okinawa. Although I am a Uechi/Shohei Ryu practitioner, I was very interested and impressed with the Goju Ryu and Shorin Ryu karate that was displayed. All the practitioners on the tapes were outstanding, but I especially enjoyed watching the woman Shorin Ryu practitioner, Onaga Michiko?, who was so fast, fluid, and powerful in her technique.    

In Uechi Ryu the Shinjo name stands out as one that is most highly respected in our system, and Shinjo Kiyohide, and Shinjo Narihiro are two of the finest representatives of Uechi Ryu. Tohyama Seiko is a national treasure of Okinawa as the last student of Uechi Kanbun, and is a model for all of us.

The way yours tapes were produced, and the content presented was of the highest level.  In the past, although I enjoyed seeing Chinese, Korean, and Japanese martial arts presented on TV, it was time to also demonstrate and give credit to the historic impact that Okinawan karate has had and is having on the martial arts world.

Congratulations on the excellent way you depicted Okinawan karate.  These tapes are suitable to the general public and martial artists of all levels.
Ihor Rymaruk 7th Dan Uechi-Ryu    Amsterdam, NY
I must say that I am very pleased with the quality of the video production.  The use of the Masters Dojo gives it a truly authentic feel.  It demonstrates that the Dojo is a reflection of the Master's character and his commitment to his Martial Art.  I know it was a difficult task getting the lighting right to compliment the Master and his dojo and it would have been much easier to shoot in a sterile studio, but the lighting at the dojos had an interesting effective appeal that could not have been achieved at a studio.

Even for the most accomplished actors, it is not always fun to be in front of a camera.  All the Masters did an admirable job demonstrating and effectively sharing their secrets. They were actually teaching some very important elements and insights that really makes Okinawan Karate work.  These videos are an excellent example of the "Secrets of Okinawan Karate" that are rarely shared and are reserved for the worthy senior students.

Even if a student goes to Okinawa to study with his/her Master, it would not be possible to get all this valuable information that is presented on these tapes.  One does not just walk into a dojo as a tourist and expect to be treated as a senior student.

For less than a months tuition there is a life time of study on these revealing videos.  All serious Martial Arts students will find these tapes helpful in their quest for knowledge and should own this set without question.  And for the beginner, get your video tape now and grow into it, you will be glad you did.

I enjoyed these lessons and look forward to more.  Master Kiyohide Shinjo has personally been an inspiration to me since 1982.  I have also learned more about Goju-ryu and Shorin-ryu in one hour than I have from volumes of books, not to mention classes too.

These videos have certainly answered and put to rest many of my thoughts and beliefs on exported Karate.  I am a proud practitioner of Uechi-Ryu, but through these videos my understanding and appreciation of Okinawan Karate is at a new high.

Just one point that I believe could be very helpful to viewers, that is the use of more effective slow motion in complicated moves.

Jay Setser Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Zentokukai Morristown, TN
The Okinawan Karate videos are the best documentaries on the Art that I have ever seen. The content, production values and quality is outstanding. Each Master & style were fairly presented, impressive & inspiring. A must-have for any martial artist of any style, because it represents what all the Arts used to be & can be again.
Paul Okami   Rose Valley, PA

I received the videos and they are wonderful.  Among the very finest records of serious martial arts I have ever seen. 

Barry Wake   Front Royal, VA

I would just like to thank you for the quick service in sending the videos. I also would like to say that these are excellent videos.. The quality and the information taught is fantastic. I have been waiting for something that teaches at this level. (Second E-mail)=> I just wanted to let you know that I have watched these videos several times and they are true treasures.

Ramasoon Sitalayan   Morgantown, WV

The videos arrived.  The quality of the video, in terms of production and content, are excellent!  Thank you very much and look forward to seeing more product from your company.

Lee Turner   St Louis, MO

I recently received Volumes 1 & 2 of   " Okinawan Karate  ". I must say that each video was full of great footage of some of the best Okinawan masters past and present. It is certainly one of the best video I've ever seen. Thanks for making this available.