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Volume 1



History and culture of karate


Differences between the 3 major schools

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These videos are suited for advanced practitioners who have black belt with 2-dan or higher.

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Volume 1

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YOE is a sole worldwide distributor for these videos (English version).  If you buy from other sellers, they may be pirate editions.




  • The way to generate an astounding destructive power

  • Your first "blow kick" turns into the most lethal weapon

  • Sanchin, Sansei-ryu's most basic "kata"

  • Old age and karate

  • 73-old-master's amazing training


Kiyohide Shinjo

Seiko Tohyama



  • Breathing technique in martial art

  • Tensho - Comprehensive first technique, its versatility

  • Kumite training

Shigetoshi Senaha



  • “Tenshin’ - Way to utilize opponent’s energy

  • Unique “makiwara” training

  • “Irikumi’ - The secret of inside fighting

  • The feeblest tiniest physique can generate an amazingly destructive punch.

Yoshimitsu Onaga


 Japan Self Defense Force Karate

  • Modern adaptation of “OKINAWA KARATE’

  • Real combat techniques, its mental and physical training



Narration in English.  Sensei's (teacher's) speech is in Japanese with English sub-title.

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Running Time

Volume 1

Volume 2


Stereo Sound

56 minutes

55 minutes

Note ==> Video tapes are VHS format (NTSC) that is used in USA and Japan.  They are not PAL format.

DVDs can be played around the world. (No regional code for world wide playback)