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Volume 2


• Historical background.  

• How it evolved from Chinese Kung-fu?

Weaponry confiscation by Shimazu clan forced it as a secretive underground martial art.

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These videos are suited for advanced practitioners who have black belt with 2-dan or higher.

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  • Detailed training methods.  Fortification of bodily endurance.

  • “Kata-Kanshuwa” analysis and applications



  • Training difference from Uechi-ryu.  Forearm straining.

  • “Kata-Kururunfa” analysis and applications



  • Superhuman punching speed from the feeblest tiny physique.

  • Fundamentals of “tenshin” bodily movement to enhance your punching and kicking power.

  • “Kata-Passai” analysis and applications


“Ti” Ultimate Techniques

  • How to decipher these secrets concealed and transformed in “kata”

  • How to apply these secrets in real combat

  • Various lethal techniques: Throwing & attacking acupunctural nerval points.


Narration in English.  Sensei's (teacher's) speech is in Japanese with English sub-title.

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Running Time

Volume 1

Volume 2


Stereo Sound

56 minutes

55 minutes

Note ==> Video tapes are VHS format (NTSC) that is used in USA and Japan.  They are not PAL format.

DVDs can be played around the world. (No regional code for world wide playback)